Tips for Decorating Your New ABS Home

Tips for Decorating Your New ABS Home

A first step in decorating any house is to pick a theme. A theme can mesh two design styles, be specific to one design, or like us, be made up as you go. An easy way to decide a theme you would like to use would be to incorporate a feeling to it. For example, asking yourself, how do I want to feel in each room, can assist you in how you decorate each room. In our living room we wanted an open feeling that attracted everyone, so we placed our couch against the wall to welcome people in and create a feeling of comfort.

Colors are essential in decorating and can match your theme perfectly to your personality. Using a color pallet and all of the different shades of that pallet, and then incorporating an accent of a different color pallet is the seamless way to create a harmonious flow throughout your whole house. For example, we chose green as our main pallet color to accent the wood baseboards, cabinets, and doors. The shades of green used were hunter, lime, and turquoise. Our accent color pallet was red to provide a feeling of stability, with the shades being, maroon, pink, and rust.




A perfect tip to finalize your decorating would be to always add fillers such as plants, leaves, and flowers. If you have a green thumb using real plants, leaves, and flowers would always be recommended, but if you’re like me then plastic plants, leaves, and flowers work just as well, but with no maintenance just dusting. For example, in our kitchen we added different green leaves on the top of our cabinets to take your eye to the ceiling which brings attention to our vaulted ceilings. This not only ties all your colors, textures, and themes together it is a perfect way to add depth to your decorating.