Must Have Features

Must Have Features

The must have features to include in your new home

When buying your home, your first instinct is to include all the coolest and trendiest features. Then reality sets in and you are forced to limit your wish list to fit a budget or other practical limitations. Consider these items when finalizing your must-have list and you will be happy for years to come.

A large kitchen with island: Spend your design dollars where it will be used the most – the kitchen.  After all, as everyone knows, the kitchen is the place where family and friends tend to congregate.  Including large counter spaces, an island and a place for chairs and serving dishes adds to the allure.  Keeping it open to the main living space is a must.

Energy efficient features:  Energy-efficient appliances, high-efficiency insulation, and high efficiency windows are the items home owners value the most.

Home office or study: A home office should include wiring for computer and network equipment, an entertainment center and extra lighting and ventilation.

Large walk-in multi-purpose storage spaces: His and her master bedroom walk in closets, linen closets, a dedicated laundry room with storage and additional garage storage area are a minimum at all price points today. Extra storage space makes the remaining living space less cluttered and more enjoyable.
Cleanup entry/mud room with half bath: If you have kids, pets and/or a do-it-yourself husband, you get this one.  Include storage for outdoor toys, sports equipment and dirty shoes.  Kids and adults can clean-up before entering the house and can use the bathroom without dragging dirt into the house.